Degree show at Stow College, Glasgow School of Art, 2019                                       Video installations with a hologram sculpture

I wish, I can, I am is a four-channel video installation which consists of found footages and digital animation. The title came from If a Bhikkhu Should Wish in Majjhima Nikaya 6: “May I wield the various kinds of supernormal power: having been one, may I become many; having been many, may I become one; may I appear and vanish; may I go unhindered through a wall, through an enclosure, through a mountain as though through space; may I dive in and out of the earth as though it were water; may I walk on water without sinking as though it were earth; seated cross-legged, may I travel in space like a bird; with my hand may I touch and stroke the moon and sun so powerful and mighty; may I wield bodily mastery, even as far as the Brahma-world”.

The animation intended to discuss the existence of free will, through the flying bird existing in different dimensions under a hierarchical structure, that the 2d bird doesn’t know the existence of 3d dimension, and so on so forth. Only the bird in the highest dimension, which is a conscious being in union with its own body, mind and emotions, have the real free will. The title suggests the wish to achieve that kind of state.

Haunted Hell is a video of digital animation showing the hidden danger under sensual pleasure. It’s inspired by a buddhist story in Hyaku Monogatari created by Hinako Sugiura. A father and a son saw a hot spring during travel, the father tested the water with his hand. The water felted very nice and pleasant, but when he pulled out his hand, the hand was red and burning. To alleviate the pain, the father put his hand in the water again, and gradually the whole body, because of the pleasure. In the end, only the father’s head is floating on the water, while the whole body completely dissolved under. The colour ice mountain is melting in a extremely slow speed, symbolising the irritable charisma of sensual pleasure as well as the horror of indulgence.