Artist Statement

My interests often lie in people’s interactions which can be very complex and unpredictable under different circumstances and environments. These kind of interactions could happen both online and offline. Influenced by relational aesthetics, I often take laboratory approaches when using people
as the main medium in my performances. Driven by the desire of understanding others, and building intimate relationships with my audiences, some of my work provides the chance for people to interact privately with me, some other works try to test out people’s reactions under different circumstances. Due to the focus on the interactions with the audiences, my work is often created for a specific platform or context. For example, for work meant to be experienced in real life, I emphasise the precarious and transient sensory experiences; while for work designed for the internet, I think more about the user habits which are unique online.

I like creating pieces that can be experienced outside the galleries and adaptable under any limited conditions. I also like to explore the boundary between art and other disciplines like curating and education. I see the future of art to be the product that encompasses everything, a charity organisation, an academic institution, a community, an allegory, a library, a series of educational activities, participatory artwork, and etc. It should have the power to transform people who join the organisation, and spread the influence to the world. It concerns and discusses everything: life and death, relationships, politics, education, science, beauty, trust, forgiveness, love. The gallery only can show the portal to these locations, while the actual artwork happens in the real life. It will never die because generations and generations of people will carry the practices after; it also never stays in a static form, because it renews its form every time when it meets different people, spaces and cultures.


b,1997, China/Lives in London


  • MA Fine Art, 2020-21 - Chelsea College of Arts, London, UK
  • BA Hons Fine Art, 2015-19 - Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, UK
  • Module “Introducing the social sciences”, 2018, Open University, UK
  • Art Foundation, 2014-15 - Bellerbys College, Brighton, UK

Group Exhibitions


MA Degree Show, Chelsea College of Art, London

Dress Rehearsal Show, Cookhouse Gallery, London TBC

Online Show “H2OOO

Offsite and Online Show “Six Sites”, Edinburgh

Offsite and Online Show , “DIY Art Show”, London

MAFA Online International Festival “Heterotpia”, London


Film screening “Constructing Landscapes/Building Worlds”, Late at Tate Britain Online

Cookhouse Show, Cookhouse Gallery, London

Off-Site Show “Track and Fauna”, London

Online Show “Archipelago”


BA Degree Show, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow


Group Exhibition “White Rabbits”, WASPS Studios, Glasgow

GSA Film Screening “4 Minute Films”, CCA Glasgow, Glasgow


GSA Book Launch, Street Level Photoworks, Glasgow

Group Exhibition “No prospects, bright future//“, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow


Group Exhibition “Like__But not__”, SWG3, Glasgow



The creator of Library of Non-Art


MAFAzine, ISSUE 1-7, 2020-2021


One of the curators of MAFA international Festival “Heterotopia”