Artist Statement

I see the future of art to be the product that encompasses everything, a charity organisation, an academic institution, a community, an allegory, a library, a series of educational activities, participatory artwork, etc. It should have the power to transform people who join the organisation, and spread the influence to the world. It concerns and discusses everything: life and death, relationships, politics, education, science, beauty, trust, forgiveness, love. The gallery only can show the portal to these locations, while the actual artwork happens in the real life. It will never die because generations and generations of people will carry the practices after; it also never stays in a static form, because it renews its form whenever it meets different people, spaces, and cultures.

A lot of my work is self-reflexive and question all the existing frameworks and formats out there which continue to shape our expectations and mindsets. I’m interested in people’s interactions which can be very complex and unpredictable under different circumstances and environments. Through a laboratory approach, how things are embedded within our deep subconsciousness are unfolded in people’s reactions.

Stories enable people to imagine and create a different world, and the big changes in the world start from local communities. I often make multiple smaller projects in various mediums first, then recreate and combine them into installations. Installations involving sci-fi narratives and a level of engagement from the audiences are used to build communities, as well as countering current neoliberal ideology. Our visions of the future influence our current decisions. It is the artists’ job to intervene and create the vision.