Interpolation is a film that concluded all the work I made from 2017-2020. In my past 7 years, I have been living in the Brighton, Glasgow, London, Tokyo, and China, as well as have travelled to many other places. This lifestyle has brought me confusion on my identity and where I belong to. But also because of this experience, I found how desire manifest itself as the fundamental life energy, existing in everything and bringing them all together. The photos and footages used in the film were created in that context.

As a response to the theme Constructing Landscapes for the Late at Tate Online event, I wrote stories based on my experiences in combination with my past work. The narrative tries to create a sense of powerlessness towards the authority’s control over individuals and landscapes. In the end of the story, the woman and man, which are essentially the same person, dissolve their identities and borders to become one with the universe.

Script, photography, editing: Qianlin Wang Narrator: Qianlin Wang & Derek Wong